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September & October Special!

Teachers and College Students: 10% Discount! Do you have a tattoo that needs to be taught a lesson? Call now to make an appointment! With proper ID all teachers and college students making their first appointment will receive a 10% discount off your entire treatment...

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Reminders for Care After Laser Tattoo Removal

You have finally started your laser tattoo removal treatment! Now you are home and you realize that you forgot everything the laser tattoo removal specialist told you about properly caring for your treated area. If you are concerned that you are experiencing something out of the ordinary, you should find the information below to reassure you that the healing process is actually going smoothly. Following your aftercare instructions will ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

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August Specials

Book in the month of August and get 10% off any package deal! Do you want to lighten a tattoo for a cover-up? We will work with your tattoo artist and make sure we get you exactly where they want you for your new ink. Or maybe you're ready for a change and want that...

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We always work with honesty

Watch out for practices trying to sell a product or service that can't deliver results! We have invested in true state of the art technology! Our Quanta Q-Plus C is the only laser on the market to offer three true wavelengths. Our laser has the ability to remove the...

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