Too Much Information?  Uncertain Where To You Start?

Here are 5 questions you need to ask Before starting your Tattoo Removal Process…

1. Is your consultation Free?
At Advanced Aesthetics Ink, consults are Always Free!  We feel that it is OUR obligation to educate you about the entire process and allow YOU to decide if and when you will start your Tattoo Removal process. Every tattoo is unique, allow us to customize your treatment and pricing plan according to your specific tattoo removal needs based on things including size and quality or color of ink, age of tattoo and body placement. You Should Not Have To Pay For That Information!

Check Out Our Pricing Page Here…

2. Does your clinic have the ability to remove the full spectrum of color?
Our clinic works with the State-of-the-Art Quanta Q plus C Q-Switched Laser. This technology has all Three True Wavelength NECESSARY to remove the full spectrum of color!

As a Rule…

  • Black inks are the easiest colors to remove
  • Red inks are the second easiest colors to remove
  • Blues/Greens/Purples can take longer to break down

Here is a piece of info your clinic may not have told you… some Black Ink’s actually have a blue/green base. This may take place at your tattoo studio or during ink production.  Either way, you won’t know until you start the removal process! Don’t find out 5-10 treatments into your process that your clinic cannot remove your tattoo!

Contemplating Pico Technology?  Click here to learn more…

3. Does your clinic Specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal?
Make sure your technician is certified and specializes specifically in Laser Tattoo Removal. Some clinics claim to have years of experience but actually only do treatments a few times a month and may be not be practicing with State-of-the-Art equiptment intended for Laser Tattoo Removal. At Advanced Aesthetics Ink, we not only have more than 20 years experiance in the medical field, we have now been certified and practicing Laser Tattoo Removal since November 2014. Our original certification was strictly in laser tattoo removal and is our main focus. We are dedicated to our feild and to ensuring our clients receive quality care with superior results. Don’t be shy, ask your specialist about their training and experience…

4. Does it hurt?
Laser tattoo removal feels very similar to an elastic band snapping on the skin. Though we all have a different pain tolerance, most of our clients feel that it isn’t much worse than getting the tattoo itself however it takes a fraction of the time!  We are also the only clinic in the area to offer the Zimmer Cooling System. It cools the area before, during and after the treatment decreasing discomfort and recovery time.

5. Do topical removal creams work?
Laser is the only non-invasive FDA approved treatment for tattoo removal. The FDA has not approved topical creams and ointments. Such creams and ointments have been associated with unexpected reactions including rashes, burns, changes in skin pigmentation and scaring. Also, can you find proof anywhere that they work? We couldn’t…

For more information, and to book your Free consultation call Advanced Aesthetics Ink Laser Tattoo Removal! 508-991-1616

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