Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing

Consultations are FREE! During your initial consultation we will give your tattoo(s) a thorough evaluation.

Cost for laser tattoo removal should not deter you!  Our pricing starts as low as $49 per treatment!

Tattoo removal cost is based on a number of factors, so we do not categorize our prices.  We customize them, based on your individual removal needs.

A Note on Sizing a Tattoo:

We do not base price on the size of the area of your tattoo, cost is determined by the amount of ink in your body. We will not charge for negative space. (Areas within tattoo not containing ink)

In Example #1, the wording is solid, which is significantly more ink than Example #2 which features much negative space.

How Pricing and Number of Treatments is Determined:

There are many factors that go into determining the number of treatments your tattoo will require. We will evaluate your skin using the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine your skin tone. We will give you an estimate based on age of the tattoo, size, location, colors, and amount of ink used. For example, an amateur tattoo could be removed in as few as 3-5 treatments. A professional multi-colored design might need 5-12, or more treatments.

There are unknown factors such as your immune system and the makeup of your ink that have an affect on the number of visits you will need. We will cover all of this at your free consultation.

Discounts & Price Matching

We will match or beat any price from reputable, qualified and legitimate competitors.

We offer a discount package when paid in full:

  • Purchase 3 treatments receive 1 free

We Honor and Respect our Military, Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire Department personnel and offer special discounts with proper ID.

Free Removal of medical radiation tattoos.

Referall Program

Refer a friend and receive $20 off your next tattoo removal treatment. This applies to new client referrals only.

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Looking to Save?

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