How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Removing a tattoo using a laserLet’s think about what a tattoo really is: A tattoo is pigment inserted through our epidermis or top layer of skin into different layers of the dermis.  The different shades of pigment settle into the layers of our skin in a semi-liquid state with the intent to be permanent.

Thankfully with today’s technology,  permanent can be a word of the past.  So what do you do now that your reasons for getting your tattoo have changed, or maybe your tattoo has changed?

First, remind yourself that the desire to change is good… Next, understand the process. By understanding the process and the advancements in technology you can insure yourself that you make the best decision and receive quality results!

Lasers work by producing short pulses of intense light, which pass through our top layer of skin and are then selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink based on wavelength chosen.

The laser does so without damaging the tissue surrounding it.

Different wavelengths are attracted by different ink pigments.  The ink particles are fragmented by the light energy into smaller particles which is then removed by your body’s immune system as waste.

We at Advanced Aesthetics Ink through a thorough screening process will evaluate your tattoo, its size and location, age and ink content along with your skin tone. These are some of the factors that affect the removal of  your tattoo.

The last major factor that affects your tattoos removal is your lymphatic system.  This is your body’s way of removing the ink once it has been treated by the appropriate wavelength.

We will come up with a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Advanced Aesthetics Ink utilizes only the best, state-of-the-art equipment on all our laser tattoo removal clients.  This includes the Quanta Q-Plus C Laser and the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cooling System.

Here’s a series of pictures (and video) of the process of removing a very dense tattoo.

The first image is before treatment. Then one day after 2nd treatment, you can see a quick recovery. Then, after 3rd, 5th and 7th treatments. Yes, Tattoo Removal is a process! The ink is fading nicely though this was a cover-up and has twice as much ink. (click the image to enlarge) Also, the treatment in the video was done at a slower speed to allow you the opportunity to see the process. The ink instantly turns a bright white color. This is a normal process known as frost and does resolve rather quickly.


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