As our bodies change, our tattoos change… 

We as teens and young adults use permanent ink to show off our uniqueness, to express how we feel… It starts out very exciting!

What happens to my tattoo with time?

For most of us we are in our best shape, with that tight flawless skin, in our early twenties. Just as our interests can change our bodies can change as well. Unfortunately as the body starts to age, so does the skin.

Our skins’ elasticity and moisture decrease over time.

Or maybe you’re like myself and you’ve spent hours on end soaking up those sun rays! This in turn affects that awesome original artwork.

Wrinkling and sagging, stretching and fading and one day we realize that our once beautiful tattoo, in just a few decades has become faded or distorted.

Significant weight gain or loss from pregnancy or working out, extended sun exposure and just normal aging are all factors that can distort your tattoo…

Did you know that there are certain parts of the body that have a greater chance of being affected by these changes?  The chest, stomach and biceps are all areas that we may notice these uninvited changes to our tattoos.

So yes, our interests can change… However, Father Time and our new exciting life events are becoming common reasons why people are having their tattoos removed! Is your old tattoo in an area that a cover-up is not an option for you? You are not alone!

So what do you do with that old tattoo?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a simple and effective solution for those who’ve decided that looking at that faded, distorted or stretched out tattoo just isn’t an option any longer…

Give us a call! – 508-991-1616.

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